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About the Fiji Agriculture Rural Advisory Services [FAAS]

The Fiji Agriculture 2020 Policy Agenda (Agenda), with aims to establish a diversified, economically environmentally and sustainable economy in Fiji, articulated that agricultural extension is a building block for rural transformation, thus plays a pivotal role in fostering Modern Organized Agriculture for sustainable livelihoods, food and nutrition security and resilient communities in Fiji.

To support these policy directives, SPC jointly with SPC through funding support from IFAD supported a series of capacity needs assessments of agricultural extension and advisory services (AAS) and farmers over the past two years and identified recurrent weaknesses and challenges to AAS and farmers in Fiji.

As a result, in 2017, a wide range of stakeholders got together and agreed to establish Fiji Agricultural Advisory Services Network (FAAS) with the role to properly reinforce the proper role of AAS in rural development and further envisioned a new paradigm of AAS using the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) framework referred to as the “New Extensionist”.


Elected from the regular members, FAAS is governed by a Steering Committee every two years. Re-election is possible for no more than two additional terms. The current Steering Committee are as follows:

  1. Chair: Ministry of Agriculture

    Mr Jone Sovalawa
    Deputy Secretary, Agricultural Development Division, Ministry of Agriculture (MOA).
  2. Vice-Chair: Fiji Crop and Livestock Council

    Ms Jiu Daunivalu
    Chief Executive Officer, Fiji Crop and Livestock Council (FCLC)
  3. Secretary: Ministry of Agriculture

    Ms Kasanita Ratu
    Principal Agriculture Officer, Headquarter - Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
  4. Deputy Secretary: The Pacific Community

    Ms Mary Rokonadravu
    ICKM Adviser, The Pacific Community (SPC)
  5. Treasurer: Fiji Development Bank

    Ms Setaita Tamanikaiyaroi
    Manager, Enterprise Risk and Business Development, Fiji Development Bank (FDB)
  6. Assistant Treasurer: i-Taukei Affairs Board

    Mr Jone Driu Drugunalevu
    Manager Commercial Unit iTaukei Affairs Board (TAB)

FAAS Membership

FAAS Membership is open to national AAS providers and key stakeholders in Fiji. Other interested individuals, organizations’ and or networks may also become members of FAAS, as per approval of the Steering Body.

FAAS members are officially appointed by the head of the Ministry to guarantee the appointment and for consistency sake and for provision of replacements should the need arise. Members are categorized as regular or associate members.